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Introduction to the Corporate Volunteering as a bridge between the world of work and schools

Across Europe, the quality of teaching and its impact on pupil´s attainment has assumed an increasing importance in maintaining a growing and competing economy.

There have appeared a variety of initiatives both at national and European level, focusing on the teacher´s competences and the ways to improve their work. Much effort was spent to identify explicit indicators for teacher quality, in terms of competence, standards, learning goals or key qualification.


 Corporate Volunteering - CVE Project


The content and format of initial training are changing and the importance of career-long acquisition of knowledge for practising teachers has been recognised. In many countries practising teachers have become increasingly involved in the training of new entrants to the profession.

To support this movement, the European Commission has developed a common European Framework for teacher competences and qualifications. Also 'Teachers Matter' (OECD 2005) highlights the definition of clear teacher profiles. However, there are some areas which still need support. Collaboration with volunteers is one of these areas where school leaders and teachers don´t have enough expertise.

The "CVE - the Corporate Volunteering as a bridge between the world of work and schools; training for schools leaders, teachers and other school personnel" is a project aiming to build and extend knowledge among school leaders, teachers and other people working in secondary schools, about the possibilities (and opportunities) and ways of the cooperation between schools and the world of work through Corporate Volunteering.


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