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Led by Krakowskie Centrum Zarzadzania i Administracji Spólka z o.o., CVE is a European Project developed in the framework of Comenius Programme which aims to build and extend knowledge among school leaders, teachers and other people working in secondary schools, about the potential opportunities and ways of cooperation between schools and the world of the work, especially through the Corporate Volunteering.








Krakowskie Centrum Zarzadzania i Administracji Sp. z o.o.

The Cracow Center of Management and Administration Ltd (KCZIA) is a private SME, founded in Poland in 1999. KCZIA specialized in:
  • Consulting - outsourcing services adapted to specialized needs of  other businesses (more than 30 period contracts with SMEs).  The mission  of KCZIA on this area is to offer high quality services with commitment  and consistency, in order to enhance and reinforce the competitiveness  of the enterprises, through the promotion of innovation, technology  transfer, utilization of research outcomes, development of links with  research institutions, exploitation of opportunities for financing and  assistance for utilization of development programs.
  • Education for adults:
    • The Training Centre for Adults: KCZIA has a wide experience in vocational and adult training issues through the company’s participation in a variety of lifelong learning projects. KCZIA is organizing the social skills trainings and ICT trainings for young/unemployed people, e.g. project: ECDL - your chance on the labour market for 120 unemployed young women from Malopolska region. In this field our target groups are all adults who want to learn, especially women and young people being in the special situation.  KCZIA is providing labour guidance, also. We are connecting our trainings with the career guidance and helping unemployed to find the job.
    • The Cracow Centre of the Improvement of Educational Personnel (KCDKO): KCDKO was founded in 2004. KCDKO is registered by regional educational authority - Malopolska Provincial Educational Office. KCDKO is organizing the trainings for the teachers, school managers and other persons who are working in primary, secondary and upon secondary schools. 
In all activities KCZiA cooperates with different institutions from EU and Poland like NGOs, schools, universities, SMEs, local authorities.
Contact person:
Mrs. Maria Francuz
Tfno: +48 12 429 41 41
Fax: +48 12 429 41 41
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fundatia EuroEd
EuroEd Foundation is a non-profit organization set up in 1992 and located in Iasi, Romania. It delivers educational services to all age categories. EuroEd Foundation developed a series of programmes, including language courses (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Romanian), international training courses for language teachers. 

EuroEd’s relevant experience lies within coordinating and participating in EU funded projects, as well as in strategies and methodologies of co-operation at local, regional, national and trans-national level. In addition, EuroEd Foundation coordinated and implemented over 25 national and international educational projects (educational management, teacher training, professional development of various categories of professionals etc) since 1995.

EuroEd has already collaborated with Iasi County school inspectorate and school in Iasi region in previous projects aimed at decreasing the drop our rate amongst youngsters. It is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of Labour and is part of the national educational system in the Life Long Learning section. It is a member of the Quest Association which is an associate member of Eaquals. EuroEd received 4 international awards in the last 5 years for the quality of its projects: 3 European Label Awards and a Worldaware distinction. Two of the projects led by EuroEd were selected by the EU Commission as examples of best practices in its collection called LINGO.

Contact person:
Mrs. Lucia Petrescu
Tfno: +40-232-252.850/ 252.870
Fax: +40-232-252.902
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Centro Studi Ed Initiative Europeo

CESIE was established in 2001 inspired by the leading Italian sociologist Danilo Dolci (1924-1997). It is a non-profit and independent European NGO. CESIE focuses on building a link between the local reality in Palermo and Sicily, and Europe. We have a wide range of facilities including a vocational training centre, an educational centre for children that works with the local population and immigrants and a social centre. Our staff is composed of experienced project managers, pedagogists, trainers and educators  


  • Promote intercultural dialogue
  • Support social inclusion and equal opportunities
  • Facilitate lifelong education and training 
  • Foster responsible and supportive global development
  • Develop and support networking at local and international levels
  • Encourage international cooperation

CESIE constantly seeks out new methodologies including the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach and grassroots participatory planning developed by Danilo Dolci characterises CESIE’s work. Other methods employed include UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Education, Lateral Thinking and Learning by Doing.  

Contact person: 
Ms.  Sarah Beal 
Phone: +39 091 6164224  
Fax: +39  091 6230849 
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
Inovaformação – Prestação de Serviços de Formação Profissional, Lda
Inovafor is connected to the largest private network of innovation services in Europe that employs approximately 150 workers with associates in Rome, Luxembourg, Prague, Warsaw and the USA. The mission of Inovafor is to promote innovation, training and supply of advisory services in the field of innovation, mainly for SMEs and higher education institutions. Inovafor is accredited by the Quality and Accreditation Services Department with recognized competence to conduct a variety of training activities. Inovafor has great expertise in Lifelong Learning Projects, including FP7 projects and Leonardo Projects of both Transfer and Development of Innovation.
Contact person: 
Ms. Marta Pinto
Phone: +351 22 939 63 50
Fax: 00351 22 939 63 51
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Fundación de la Solidaridad y el Voluntariado de la Comunitat Valenciana

Fundar, the Foundation for Solidarity and Voluntary Work of the Valencian Community, is a private non-for-profit entity, jointly owned by the Region of Valencia Department for Solidarity and Citizenship and Bancaja. It was created on 9th March 2001 with the aim of motivating, promoting and encouraging volunteering activity and solidarity towards people in need, as well as coordinating social resources within the Region of Valencia.
Its organisational structure is headed by a board of trustees that is made up of a governing and representative body.

Over the years, Fundar has developed a strategy that aims to turn this institution into the main driving force behind an increased commitment from the different agents within Valencian society as regards involvement in solidarity projects. Such projects would not be possible if it were not for the carefully planned physical presence of Fundar throughout the Region of Valencia, making all of its solidarity initiatives accessible to the dynamic body of volunteers. With this aim in mind, the Region of Valencia has the largest Volunteer Centre Network in the whole of Spain which is in constant expansion and is present in 76 towns in the region.

This foundation has broadened its horizons across Europe by participating in a number of international projects guaranteed to support the exchange of experiences and best practice with institutions from other countries.

Contact person:
Mr. Juan Ángel  Poyatos
Phone: +34 963 301 109
Fax: +34 963 310 272
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Development for Vocational Technical Education Centre of Bahcesehir University

Bahçesehir University has established Development Centre for Vocational Technical Education (METGEM), which is a unique institution in Turkey. Our vision is to become a pioneering and guiding agency by following all developments and transformations in labour markets to integrate national and international networks and support development of contemporary vocational technical education.

Our mission is to provide all acquired information, experience, solution models gained from national and international researches regarding Vocational Technical Education for public use.
The outcome would be a new model for Vocational and Technical Education which would produce high qualified individuals for the needs and expectations of labour market.

To develop the vocational education, especially higher education, some important tasks of this Centre are as follows:

  • Regarding vocational education, follow new developments and innovations in Europe and Globally,
  • Develop new and easily applicable methods, as well as national and international projects for high qualified work force,
  • For business, SME’s and sectors, discuss main problems, find solutions with its consultation committee,
  • Enlighten and set up cooperation with vocational training foundations and institutions to encourage motivate and train technical staff.
  • Analyze statistics regarding vocational education in Turkey, find the gaps in VET and bring together stakeholders of demand and supply.

Contact person
Mr. Serkan Yesilyurt 
Tfno: +90 532 45 51 03
Fax: +90 381 06 00
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


African & Caribbean Diversity

The main objectives of the African & Caribbean Diversity (ACDiversity), a UK charity founded in 1990, are:

  • To create and implement programmes for the economic and educational development of the African and Caribbean communities.
  • To advance the education of the public on the issues of discrimination in particular on the grounds of ethnic origins.
  • To promote diversity and support young people, in particular in African and Caribbean communities, to realise their full potential.

The key ACDiversity Mentoring and Enrichment Programme identifies bright year 10 to year 13 students (14-18 years old) primarily but not exclusively of African and Caribbean heritage, encourages and supports their access in higher education and prepares them for academic, personal and career success. Delivered in partnership with schools, universities, parents and corporate volunteer mentors, the Programme is a rigorous and well structured programme consisting of: 

  • Residentials and summer schools at the LSE and Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge; 
  • Visits and open day sessions at UK financial, legal and commercial organisations [i.e., Bank of England, Barclays Capital, Slaughter and May, Clifford Chance, Withers, etc];
  • Motivational and information workshops;
  • Mentoring sessions with corporate volunteers; 
  • Volunteering and community service;
  • Information and support sessions with parents and carers.

Contact person
Ms. Brenda King
Tfno:  +44 020 7922 7808 
Fax:  +44 08716 613 530 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
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